What we offer and how we help people is not because we expect something, but because we need to offer help.  The more we give, the more we get  in return, sometimes not in the way we expect or the way we need but during the right time. 

There is a time when good things come to us when we least expect it. These times are a result of our previous positive actions that we did during someone else’s time of need and are coming back to us during our time of need.   

When someone is blessed by your actions, you will definitely be blessed in a different way, one that you never expected. But, you need to genuinely help someone freely without expectation or any sort of kickbacks. Life treats us differently. Everyone is affected in a different way. Life comes to us differently because of how we offer ourselves to the society.

Anyone can help the community and a variety of different people in different situations as long as it is done without wanting anything in return. Helping someone crossing the road, carrying something for them on your way, lifting someone when they fall, feeding someone hungry, helping the sick, clothing someone with no clothes, sheltering someone – these are all ways to help. But when you do this, just walk away and don’t look back to see what you will receive or wait for reward. Just have comfort that God sees what we do even if no one else sees or hears.

Giving love where there is no love, care where there is no care, shelter where there is no shelter, food where there is hunger, do it. It is a miracle for those who need it.

If you can’t wipe their tears, then cry with them. Laugh with those who are laughing for joy. Walk with one who are on a journey, especially if they are on a long journey. Once they reach or are close to their destination and no longer need your support, then go. You never know when you are going to need the support back.

Never do something just to receive in return. Otherwise you are not actually giving, instead you are giving to receive.

Always strive to be different than everyone else. Not because you want to be seen, but because it is good to be. Always listen when people talk not because you need someone to finish talking so that you can start talking, but because you want to understand what they are saying. Always love not because you expect to be loved back, but because that is what you want to do. Always give your shoulder for someone to lean on not because you want to calm the situation, but because you care. Always give your hand for support not to break someone’s fall but until they get back up. Always help because you want to and one day, someone will help you…just because they wanted to.

– Sam