Founded by Samson Elisante in October of 2011.

The purpose of the Street Kid Picnic is to change society’s perception of street kids by creating unity amongst the kids and creating connection between the kids and the community. This is achieved by hosting a picnic event that unites the street kids and the community and invites them to share their stories. Since 2011, our picnics have reached out to over 3,000 street children and youth.


Street kids, community, volunteers, and sometimes special guests come out to our street kid picnics to enjoy company, sun, and fun.


The picnic is a community event intended to create a safe, nourishing, friendly and neutral atmosphere that allows locals, volunteers, and even tourists to meet and connect with kids that currently live on the streets. Our picnic attendees will be able to enjoy a hot meal, fruits and juice, and will be provided with hygiene cleaning products to wash clothes and bathe. A game of football will occasionally be played.


The picnics are held at the Arusha city garden and park right off Sokoine Road. These areas are normally visited by locals and visitors alike and are set in open public space that is safe for locals and foreigners to visit.


The picnics are normally held on a Saturday afternoon. The days can vary, depending on availability and resources. Check out our program schedule to find out when the next picnic is!


Samson, a former street kid from Arusha, is passionate about helping his community. In fact, his vision is to help street kids get to the some point of life as he has. Picnics are a small step to his dream, but it’s a perfect step toward the big picture. Besides what other way to connect with others then to have a picnic under the hot African sun?


Food, fun, sun, and LOTS of love. It’s that simple.